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Theatre and concert

Elevating Theatre and Concert Stages: The Art of Modern Set Design

Our expertise in theatre and concert stage design transforms performances into unforgettable experiences. We provide the perfect screen fabrics and audio-visual solutions for set design and backdrop scenery, ensuring every production and gig captivates its audience.


Our screen fabrics are ideal for set design and backdrop scenery applications. Our ProGray and CrytalRear materials are great solutions for dynamic light conditions and moving stage elements


Create stunning audio-visual effects for your concerts and gigs. We are suppliers to a range of audio visual companies, helping them create modern sets to wow their audiences

Benefits of Our Theatre and Concert Stage Solutions

Theatrical Stage Design:

  • Versatile Screen Fabrics: Ideal for creating dynamic backdrops and scenery, our screen fabrics offer flexibility and durability, essential for theatrical productions.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Transform your stage into a visual narrative that complements the performance, from subtle mood settings to vibrant, eye-catching scenes.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor your stage design to the specific needs of each production, whether it’s a classic play or a modern theatrical piece.

Music Concerts:

  • Stunning Audio-Visual Effects: Collaborate with us to create impactful AV effects that amplify the concert experience. Our solutions are designed to enhance both visual and auditory sensations.
  • Modern Sets for Memorable Performances: Work with a range of AV companies to develop modern, innovative set designs that leave audiences in awe.
  • Adaptable for Various Venues: Whether it’s an intimate gig or a large-scale concert, our setups are adaptable to different venues, ensuring a consistent quality of experience.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Whether you’re designing a theatrical production or planning a music concert, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. With our innovative screen materials and AV solutions, transform your stage into a captivating world that enthralls your audience at every show. Let’s create extraordinary experiences together.

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