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I made the screen to be part of an exhibition called Following the Flame’ which toured Wales for the 2 years, leading up to and beyond the 2012 Olympics.

The material was perfect as I could make the screen fit perfectly into the space I had. When it was stretched over the frame there were no signs of creasing and it was excellent in showing a bright and clear picture, even in relatively high lighting conditions.

I’m looking for an excuse to build another one.
Many Thanks

– Andrew Griffiths, Wales, UK.

We purchased ProWhite to install a home cinema for one of our clients. We found the material really easy to handle and we were more thank happy with the end result.

– Steve, Blueberry Green.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and your prompt advice and guidance was much appreciated. Screen is a very custom 102.5 inch diagonal 😉 used 45mm square wood and pocket screws for the frame, and 4 hidden mirror fixings on the verticals to hold it to the wall.

– Steve, Dorchester, UK

We used the fabric to stretch over a frame and create a cinema screen for installation in our gallery. The fabric was easy to work with and gave a fantastic and bright picture.

Nick Duxbury, leeds, UK.

Ordered from PSM UK as the fabric looked just right for my project and was no way near as expensive as other products on the market. It arrived very quickly and well packaged. Easily fitted it onto the wooden frame we’d built without any problems (stapled to rear). I had to order some black border tape from off the internet as PSM wasn’t stocking this at the time and once fit it was ready for action. PSM now stock the black border tape which is cheaper than I purchased from the web!! I have an Optoma GT750 and with this screen material the picture is superb with the blacks nice and dark and lighter colours really outstanding, and even with some daylight into the room the screen looks great, would highly recommend this material.

– Sean Wells, Ricmond, USA.

I find it great for the price paid, colours are nice and bright, simple to wrap onto a diy frame, picture is nice and sharp. chequerboard test pattern for focus works extremely well for getting the sharpness just right,

All the best

– Stuart Morgan.

This specially made material makes a huge difference to picture quality, it gives richer colour saturation and sharper images with added overall depth. I thoroughly enjoy dealing with this company it is honest, customer oriented and provides excellent quality products and services.

– Kristen Green

I have attached two photos of my trusty cinema room which i built myself. It was a double garage conversion.Nice 6ft screen with 7.1 Paradigm speaker set up though a Sony receiver and my beautiful JVC DLA-X35 projector.

I cannot fault the screen material in any way. Running my JVC DLA-X35 onto this screen, the picture looks magnificent and constantly gets the ‘wow’ effect even from film critics I happen to know who spend many hours in cinemas in London. This for me equals the cinema experience and having spent lots of time in screening rooms in London, this is just as good if not better.

I am a freelance cameraman by trade covering red carpet interviews etc in London. My son Tim is a film critic who works for Cineoutsider, Verite Fim Mag, and Grolsch, so i get to see both sides of the viewing experience and I for one always prefer my cinema room.

Best Wishes

– Simon, UK.

Here at Dundee Contemporary Art’s we are often make bespoke projection screens for artists/show’s within the gallery. For this show we were given the task of making 3 screens with 120 degree angle between each and to be viewable all the way round the piece with a shape as image as possible on both sides.

After speaking to the staff here at PSM and receiving a very helpful sample pack we used Crystal Rear material to make 4:3 screens at 2800mm X 2100mm. The material was great to use and easy to stretch over our frame construction and has a great finished quality, the image is very sharp on both sides and has great brightness to them, and we will be using this material again!

– Adrian Murray, Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK

I bought the PSM screen material for use making two custom sized front projection screens for use on an event at the University of Derby. The reason i planned to make my own screens is because if you use ‘fast fold’ screens you result in having a border/frame around the edge. Therefore i built two wooden frame and stretched the material across and round the frames. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the material along with the surface smoothness achieved (using just tension, no backing board or foam padding) For the projection i used two 4500lumen Epson projectors (nothing special). The reflective brightness given off by the screens were great, the images were visually bright and sharp.

A couple of months later a friend of mine used one of the screens in his engineering project, in which he looked at an investigation into projection surfaces, comparing several different projection surfaces taking into account the brightness reflected by the screen, the pleasantness of viewing, etc. The other surfaces tested in the experiment were: A Fast Fold Projection Screen, Projection paint onto a solid wall, standard white emulsion onto a solid wall, plain white fabric and shifon material. Overall the PSM projection surface proved very good in testing, equal to the fast fold screen. I would therefore say the value for money is excellent.

As a final quote I have been very pleased with the material bought from PSM and would recommend it to anyone. The screen provided a very bright and clear image.

– Thomas Denney, Derby University, UK

ProWhite and DeepBlack work great together, such a transformation from using just a plain white wall. The screen was fairly simple to make, just followed the building guide from the website. Thanks PSM for all your help.

– Neil Sime, Ipswitch, UK.

100″, 16:9, with black velvet border. Stretched over a frame.

Quality material; entirely blocks out any light from behind and easily stretches over a frame to create a large flat screen. The result is a sharp image with accurate colours. Have now bought from PSM twice and would again!

Alex, York, UK.

Very affordable screen which was easy to construct. Performs very well in high light conditions making it perfect for the classroom!

– Rocca Gutteridge, 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust, Uganda.

The process was very simple, I set the projector up, beamed an image onto the wall and measured the size. Then i ordered the required amount of material from you guys, and took a trip to B&Q to get some wooden beams and metal brackets to build a frame.Then i just used a bog standard stapler to attach the material to the frame, stuck some black tape around the edge and hung it on the wall, job done!

– Alex Dodge, Northumberland, UK.

I have to say the material is just right. No fleet ion issues at all. I had to build a frame for it, then simply fixed the material to the frame

– David, Norwich, UK.