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Projector Screen Material

Transform your space with versatile projector screen materials, perfect for home theaters, concerts, and art exhibitions

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About PSM Screens

At PSM Screens, we’re dedicated to elevating your visual experiences. Whether you’re crafting a cozy home cinema, an immersive art installation, or a professional theater setup, we provide the essential projector screen materials and accessories to bring your vision to life.

Explore our range of products, tailored for every project:

  • Super 4K+: A high-performance, durable PVC front projection screen material, ideal for 4K Ultra HD and 3D projectors, designed to enhance whites, blacks, and vibrant colors in any dedicated cinema room with controlled lighting conditions.
  • ProWhite: Experience unparalleled sharpness and balance with our high-performance front projection screen material. Ideal for 4K and HD media, ProWhite ensures every detail is crisply displayed.
  • ProGray: Designed for low to moderate ambient light, our high contrast gray front projection material enriches your visuals with deeper blacks, enhancing overall image depth.
  • CrystalRear White: Our specialized white translucent material is perfect for rear projection in dark environments. It offers a pristine canvas for your most ambitious projects.
  • CrystalRear Gray: Tailored for rear projection in spaces with little to moderate ambient light, this gray translucent material ensures your images remain vibrant and clear.
  • MaxiWhite: An excellent choice for those seeking value without compromise. This versatile, front projection screen material is ideal for creating a fixed frame projector screen, delivering impressive picture quality.

Our screen selections are offered in the popular 16:9 aspect ratio. If our standard sizes don’t meet your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer custom sizes, tailored to match your unique requirements.

To complete your setup, our DeepBlack border tape is the finishing touch your projector screen deserves. Its high light absorption properties reduce overspill and ambient light, enhancing the contrast ratio for a truly captivating image. Elevate your projector screen system with a stunning visual pop that leaves a lasting impression.